About Us

“It doesn’t matter how many resources you have. If you don’t know how to use them, they will never be enough.” – Unknown

At Power Strata Systems we are passionate about taking action to solve problems and finding new and innovative ways to be part of the solution to the issues strata managers and council members are facing for managing strata corporations in BC with the limited time and resources they have in hand.

Our mission is to help building viable strata communities across BC to protect the strata owners' huge investment by empowering strata councils and strata managers with innovative technology and management tools they need to successfully administer and manage day-to-day operations of strata corporations in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Using our expertise, we are here to give back to our community and do what we can to significantly improve the way strata corporations are managed.

We understand the common concerns this industry is facing. As strata owners and active members of our own strata councils, we have experienced first-hand the frustrations faced by strata owners, council members and strata managers.

With over 30 years of technical experience in software design and web development, we embarked on an exciting journey to develop a unique, powerful and easy-to-use strata management software solution for addressing the specific needs of this fast growing industry.

We conducted extensive industry research and carefully designed our software to address a wide range of common concerns. At the same time, we ensured there was enough flexibility in the system to allow for ongoing customizations based on the specific needs of each client.

With excitement we could share our innovative software solution with B.C.’s strata management industry in May 2011 and till today our solution has been evolved constantly based on the excellent feedback and suggestions from each and every single one of our amazing clients and the experts in the industry.

With this continued huge generous support and encouragement from all these amazing people who have believed in us and our dreams and with their continued feedback we are so proud that our solution, PowerStrata, has become the most fantastic and comprehensive yet easy to use strata management tool in the industry in this short amount of time. What we hear all the time as compliments from our impressed clients and users of our system keeps our hearts warm and makes us even more energized to improve our solution each and every day to address the ongoing changes in the industry and therefore the needs of our clients.

Our Core Values

The following is a list of the things we value most highly at Power Strata Systems. These core values drive our business and influence every single thing we do:

  1. Integrity, passion, and determination
  2. Life-long growth and learning
  3. Open, respectful, supportive and honest relationships
  4. Doing more with less
  5. Thinking big

What PowerStrata Clients and Users Say

To see what clients and users of PowerStrata say about the system, please visit PowerStrata Testimonials page on our website at http://www.powerstrata.com/about-us/PowerStrata-testimonials/.