• Better communication – Communication between property owners/residents, strata council members, and property managers is seamless, private, and secure. In addition, all communication / documentation can be archived, making record keeping simple. No more miscommunication or waiting for calls.
  • Better record keeping – Everything is where you need it to be. Documents can be scanned, shared, and archived, ensuring nothing is ever lost or misplaced.
  • Simple to Use – Every facet of PowerStrata is designed to make the platform easy to use. It’s cloud-based, so it’s always updated, secure, and ready to go. There’s no IT needed on your end, and backups happen automatically. The interface is clean, intuitive, and logical, and we’ll provide training. The software will also always be in line with BC regulations, eliminating another worry for you. It really is as simple as “turn it on and use it”.
  • More secure, with powerful, customizable user access – To start, PowerStrata is PIPA compliant. All too often, Strata Corporations have unsecured spreadsheets or documents with names, addresses, and numbers. With PowerStrata, everything is in a secured database, with SSL connections for data transfer. In addition, there’s administrative-level control over who has access to what. Council Members see information pertinent to them; residents see resident-related information; etc.
  • Scalability – The customization of PowerStrata is impressive. From a two unit duplex to a two-thousand unit multi-building/multi-section complex, managing each will be made far easier with PowerStrata. The range and depth of the platform is unmatched in the industry, with a wealth of modules that will shape the software into exactly what you need.
  • Specific to British Columbia – We help you become compliant with BC rules and regulations like SPA (Strata Property Act) and PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) by securely keeping strata information up to date.
  • Clear Management Information – For property managers, you get a comprehensive, birds-eye view of the entire each Strata Corporation you manage, at your fingertips. Everything is clear and easy to manage from one centralized location no matter where you are.
  • Self-Service – The strata web portal for owners and council members is a huge time saver for strata property managers as it provides an easy and efficient way of accessing information for owners and council members. You as a property manager can post announcements, maintenance and meeting schedules, share and distribute minutes, notices and documents efficiantly. Then residents can log in to get needed information (instead of calling).
  • We’re GREEN – We designed PowerStrata so everything is easy to read and understand onscreen, and all documentation is online and easily accessible and clear. Thus, there is no need to print anything if you do not wish to (of course, you always have that option – we’re just saying that “Green” is important to many clients, as it is to us. And we developed PowerStrata with that in mind.)

We could keep listing benefits, but that would take a long time. Let us know what challenges you are facing at your strata corporation or strata management company and we will be in touch with you to discuss the solutions and how we can help you address them efficiently.


What PowerStrata Clients Say

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