Power Strata Systems at BUILDEX VANCOUVER 2016 - PAMA Networking Area

We are excited and busy getting prepared for exhibiting at BUILDEX VANCOUVER on February 24 and 25, 2016 at Vancouver Convention Centre West. As you may already know, BUILDEX is Western Canada's largest annual tradeshow and conference for Interior Design, Construction and Property Management industries.

You can find us at PAMA Networking Area this year or at P02 – Mum’s the Word: Strata Corporation’s Obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act [PM] PAMA session which we have sponsored.

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Here is the list of PAMA sessions at Buildex Vancouver 2016  for your quick review:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 8:00 am - 9:50 am
    P01 – Legal Update 2016 [PM]
    "This seminar will explain how recent amendments to the Strata Property Act impact how a strata corporation can sell to a developer, and how amendments could impact the strategy relating to the funding of the CRF. The seminar will also review recent court decisions and highlight how they impact the governance and decisions of strata corporations."

    Adrienne Murray, Associate Counsel, Hammerberg Lawyers LLP
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 10:10am-12:00pm
    P02 – Mum’s the Word: Strata Corporation’s Obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act [PM]
    "Strata corporations are required to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”) in terms of collecting and disclosing personal information of owners, tenants, occupants and visitors. On June 22, 2015, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner published an updated version of its “Privacy Guidelines for Strata Corporations and Strata Agents”. There are two significant changes regarding what personal information can be used or disclosed in the updated Guidelines. In this seminar, we will discuss these changes as well as providing a general overview of the impact of PIPA on strata corporations. Finally, we will provide some tips on navigating a strata corporation’s obligations under PIPA to help avoid complaints about breaches of PIPA."

    Veronica Franco, Partner, Clark Wilson LLP
  • Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 1:00 pm - 2:50 pm
    P03 – Tendering, Contracts and Liens [PM]
    "Did you know that the process of tendering a construction contract actually gives rise to two contracts, commonly known as Contract A and Contract B? Did you know that the most appropriate time for the strata corporation’s legal counsel to review the contract documents is before the project documents are issued to prospective bidders? During this session, we will discuss the existence of Contract A — which is the contract that governs the tendering process with all bidders and precedes the construction contract. Failing to pay sufficient attention to the terms of Contract A can limit the strata corporation’s ability to award the contract to the contractor of its choosing and can expose the strata corporation to a lawsuit if the contract is improperly awarded. With respect to Contract B — the contract between the strata corporation and the contractor — we will discuss basis contractual terms that should be properly addressed in any construction contract, including warranties, indemnities and insurance provisions.

    We will also discuss builders liens, which can have significant implications for strata unit owners. There are many misconceptions about liens and “grey” areas on the legislation. Most people know that a contractor or subcontractor has 45 days to file a lien. Do you know what event triggers the lien filing period? Do you know whether an engineer, architect or material supplier can file a lien? When carrying out a construction or renovation project, strata corporations should be mindful of some of the basic tenants of a lien claim and the options available to discharge a lien claim. This presentation will focus on an overview of the Builders Lien Act and address common mistakes and misconceptions about liens."

    Allyson Baker, Partner, Clark Wilson LLP
    Satinder Sidhu, Partner, Clark Wilson LLP
  • Thursday, Feb. 25 • 8:00am-9:50am
    P04 – Where There’s Smoke There’s Ire: The Problem of Second Hand Smoke in Strata Developments [PM]
    "It was not all that long ago that we all lived in a thick cloud of cigarette smoke. People smoked at work, at school, in bank line ups and even in hospital waiting rooms. Tobacco advertising told us that you had to smoke if you wanted to be hip and cool. Today smoking is banned from all public indoor spaces and many public outdoor spaces. Now it seems that the only place you can enjoy the smooth and mellow pleasure of a cigarette is in your own home. Or is it? This seminar looks at the problem of second hand smoke in strata developments and what stratas are doing and can do to deal with it.

    Topics that will be covered include:
    • “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette” – The Tobacco Control Act;
    • “Get Your Freedom Back” – Bill 14 and “vaping”;
    • The “greyish green and pungent area” of medicinal cannabis smoke
    • “Welcome to Flavor Country” – Municipal laws around smoking
    • “Pleasure to Burn” – The standard bylaws and smoking
    • "Its Toasted” – Bylaw amendments to ban smoking"

             Paul Mendes, Partner Lesperance Mendes LLP

  • Thursday, Feb. 25 • 10:10am-12:00pm
    P05 – Disaster Response [PM]
    "This seminar will review a recent large fire loss in a Strata. The focus of this session is to provide information on what Property Managers should know and do when one of the buildings in their portfolio has a fire loss.

    Topics covered will include:
    • Role of the Fire Department
    • What to do first?
    • Access, Site security and site control
    • Available community support
    • Needs of Owners vs. Tenants
    • Role of the Insurance Adjuster
    • Role of the Restoration Company
    • Other resources"

Kylie Ali, Community Service Coordinator, City of Surrey
Paul Klann, President, Phoenix Restorations Ltd.
Jason Ryshak, Project Manager, Phoenix Restorations
Craig Segaric, Branch Manager, ClaimsPro Inc.
Tracie Williams, Strata Property Manager, Wynford Property Group

  • Thursday, Feb. 25 • 1:00pm-2:50pm
    P06 – Turnover Down – Quality Up – The Ins and Outs of Tenant Selection 
    "The ups and downs of tenant selection can have a real impact on your rental investment or your client’s income. Attend this seminar to learn how to reduce your turnover and increase the quality of new tenants. Speakers will expand on  the following items:
    • What steps do you take to learn about tenancy applicants?
    • How do you prequalify/prescreen applicants?
    • How does the Residential Tenancy Act apply to selecting tenants?
    • What other laws apply?
    • How can you avoid a Human Rights complaint?
    • How can you avoid a privacy complaint?
    • Who should complete the application form?
    • How confident are you with each decision to select – or not select a tenancy applicant?"

Al Kemp, President, A.G Kemp & Associates
Lisa Mackie, Associate, Alexander Holburn

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!