Power Strata Systems goes “green” by transferring to local B.C. based data center

In response to the concern that some strata management companies have been expressing with regards to the USA PATRIOT Act and U.S. based data centers, we are excited to announce that Power Strata Systems Inc. has recently transferred its main data center from the U.S. to a more reliable and green data center located in B.C.

Why the excitement?

Because now, in addition to increased security and protection of our clients’ personal information, we are also supporting sustainability and providing higher levels of service for our clients.

Green technology and faster, more reliable service

Through our commitment to providing the best possible service for our clients, we made our selection very carefully. We finally decided on a local, B.C. based business that utilizes green technology while providing more reliable, higher quality and faster service.

So now Power Strata Systems isn’t only more green, but we’re also supporting local business in B.C. and providing you with faster and more reliable service.

Now we think that’s something to get excited about!

For more information on PowerStrata’s security and data protection, contact us.