PowerStrata Testimonials Page is Up on our Website Now

We now have a page on our website about what PowerStrata clients and users say about the system...


"Condo Smarts: Poor record-keeping costs strata money 

...Strata corporations always struggle with managing their records. Strata councils frequently change, the strata management company changes, records get moved around or archived and critical documents are lost.

Online storage has provided everyone with a tool for document storage and access. A website for your strata where nothing but records storage is maintained is an excellent economic resource. For example, Power Strata Systems in North Vancouver provides a cost-based hosting of strata websites specifically focused on information management. For $35 a month, a 25-unit strata can store all its records and maintain a stable corporate history.

Your strata controls the information and access, and the next strata council or management company won’t be chasing down lost records or contracts."

-Tony Gioventu, Executive director of the Condominium Home Owners Association (CHOA)

Link to the full article on Times Colonist | April 13, 2016:

"Re: Improvement in financial statement distribution

Loud applause!!!
Our PM Assistant likes it A LOT. This is so much easier and will save her a ton of time. Thanks"

-Strata Management Company | Managing Broker and Strata Manager


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