What Strata Council Members and Condo Owners need to know about CCI

As a new member of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) - Vancouver Chapter, Power Strata Systems looks forward to supporting CCI Vancouver’s efforts to help condo owners, strata councils and strata managers operate successful condominium corporations. As strong supporters of life-long growth and learning, we see the high value in the services that CCI provides, such as education, information dissemination, publications, workshops and technical assistance.

But how exactly can CCI help your strata corporation?

Condo Owners

If you’re a condo owner, a CCI membership helps keep you informed and up-to-date on changes in government legislation through newsletters, seminars and educational materials. You’ll have access to knowledge and information you need to protect your investment and live in a protected and peaceful condo environment.

Strata Councils

As a member of a strata council, you're one of the elected decision-makers of your strata corporation. Through CCI, your strata corporation can participate in educational seminars and courses designed to inform you of your duties and responsibilities as a strata council member, and help you understand better how your strata council should operate and function.

Let’s all work together

We now look forward to working with CCI and doing our part to help create a stronger and successful strata community. Our mission at Power Strata Systems is to provide peace of mind to everybody involved in B.C.’s strata management industry. Through our expertise, we’re giving back to our community while doing what we can to significantly improve the quality of strata living.

How will you help your strata community?

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