Frequently Asked Questions

Is PowerStrata for Homeowners or Strata Management Companies?

We have designed PowerStrata for both. Depending on how you want to use it, we can customize it for you. For example, management companies can use PowerStrata for the company’s internal use to manage all their strata properties efficiently from one secured and centralized location. They can also choose to offer PowerStrata as a web portal service to their strata corporation clients. To see the features come with PowerStrata, click here.

Are we going to be fully compliant with BC Strata regulations by using PowerStrata?

One of the main reasons behind the development of PowerStrata is to help Strata Corporations in BC become compliant with SPA (Strata Property Act) and PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act). However, it's the Strata Corporation's responsibility to make sure all the records are accurate and up to date. We strongly recommend you consult with a lawyer for this purpose.

How secure (and private) is PowerStrata?

Extremely. We utilize the latest in technology, and comply with BC legislation and PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act). Security was paramount when we designed PowerStrata. To give an example, let’s look at contact information: In our experience, we’ve seen the way most Strata Corporations handle contact information – spreadsheets and documents on everyone’s computer (or even worse, printed out). That’s not secure. Instead, we utilize one secure database that is accessed via individual users with the proper credentials.

We only have a few units, but could really use a Property Management system – can your product help us?

Absolutely. PowerStrata is robust enough for thousands of units, but it’s also streamlined enough for managing just a few units. Our products are scalable enough to be able to serve the full range of strata properties.

We’re a self-managed Strata Corporation – can PowerStrata help us?

Indeed, it can. The secure communication functions alone will make your Strata Management infinitely easier. Plus, do look at all the other benefits listed on our site to help you manage with ease.

We’re Green – are you?

Sure are. We designed PowerStrata to be fully functional and usable without printing anything. However, if you do wish to print, that’s not a problem, of course.

What are the system requirements?

A web connection / and web browser, and that’s it. PowerStrata is SaaS (Software as a Service.) Cloud-based, it resides on our secure servers. This makes it very simple to operate, and requires no IT personnel on your end.

But it’s complicated to use, right?

Not even a little. We worked hard to include the most advanced features and functionality, but we also understand that software needs to be simple to operate. We designed the interface to be elegant and intuitive, so there are no special skills needed to use PowerStrata – if you can surf the web, you can easily use PowerStrata. To see it in action, schedule a customized demo.

How much control do we have over who sees what?

You have full administrative control over all features, and can grant password-enabled access on an individual user-level. Everybody can see/ and use exactly what they should, and nothing more.

Are any e-mail addresses seen? We’d rather everyone not have everyone else’s personal e-mails.

Absolutely not. All contact information is secure. E-mail addresses are part of the personal information which will be accessible only by the property management company and/or council members to be able to contact homeowners in case of an emergency.

How customizable is the system?

Extremely. You can tailor the system to meet your exact requirements. No waste or filler – you see what you wish to see, and do not waste time on unimportant (to you) features.

How about added functionality?

We always have new features on the way. User feedback is important to us – Our clients tell us what they want, and we develop it.

We need a maintenance function also – is this available?

Yes, absolutely – A full maintenance module is included in PowerStrata.


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