PowerStrata is an advanced strata management platform that makes managing multiple strata properties and thousands of units simple and straightforward. Besides the info below, we have pages specific for Homeowners, and Strata Management Companies.

Some overall technical features:

  • Designed to comply with BC legislation and SPA (Strata Property Act)
  • Highly secured system, compliant with BC PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act)
  • Support for multi-section complexes
  • Extremely versatile and scalable - can handle a small strata like a duplex to several very large multi-building complexes
  • Appealing, user-friendly, and intuitive interface
  • User training available
  • PowerStrata is a hosted web-based service (cloud-based SaaS). We maintain the system, provide all IT support, handle all system updates… you simply use it.
  • Centralized access to multiple property profiles for property managers
  • Multi-level and highly customizable user groups with different access rights. Users can only see what they are allowed to, and sensitive data is well protected.
  • We’re Green! We’ve made everything simple to read and understand without printing (although you can print anything you wish.)

PowerStrata can be used by the following three groups:

  • Strata Management Companies
  • Professionally Managed Strata Corporations
  • Self Managed Strata Corporations

PowerStrata not only can be used by strata management companies for their internal use, it can also be offered as a user friendly web portal service to the strata corporations they manage.



Property Profile

  • Full property profile (Address, structure, usage, etc.)
  • Multi-building and sectioned strata properties
  • List of units (Entitlement, parking, storage, etc.)
  • Restrictions
  • Rental Inventory

Communication and Messaging System

  • Easy communication between managers, councils and homeowners
  • Automated mailing lists
  • Message notifications
  • Discussion/Forum
  • Message templates
  • Message tracking
  • Easy print of mailing labels and envelopes

Document Management System

  • Categorized library of strata documents
  • Drafts and finals
  • Online document delivery


  • Event categories (Meetings, maintenance tasks, contract renewals, etc.)
  • Reminders
  • Notifications for new or updated events
  • Integration with MS Office and Smart Phones
  • Recurring events

Contact Management System

  • List of owners (resident/non-resident) and tenants
  • Personal and emergency contact info
  • Optional mailing addresses
  • Encryption of sensitive data

User Management

  • User groups with multiple levels of access rights
  • User-defined groups and committees

Strata Council

  • List of members and officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Schedule meetings (Council, Executive, AGM, SGM, Information Meetings)
  • Meeting minutes and notices

Management Module

  • Staff profiles, roles, and access rights
  • Centralized access to all properties

Building Asset Management

  • Inventory of categorized building components
  • Full asset profile

Maintenance Planning

  • Preventive, corrective and routine maintenance
  • Schedule of recurring tasks
  • Deferred jobs
  • Maintenance budget
  • Maintenance calendar
  • Integration with Depreciation Reports

Service Providers

  • Contractors
  • Proposals, Quotes and Contracts
  • Maintenance history

Financial Management

  • Integration with accounting systems (Financial Statements, Owner Ledgers)
  • Strata fee calculator
  • Levy calculator

Strata Owners and Council Web Portal

  • Built-in strata web portal for owners




  • Daily backup of data
  • Automatic upgrades and new features
  • Training
  • Email/phone support
  • Data conversion
  • Customized solutions meet specific needs of each strata management company


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What PowerStrata Clients Say

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