PowerStrata for Strata Owners and Councils

Better Communication + More Efficient Workflow = Easier Strata Management.

Strata Corporations in British Columbia have specific Property Management needs, and to operate at their best, require efficient communication between Council Members and residents, solid documentation, up-to-date record keeping, and administration of strata finances.

PowerStrata is specifically designed to tackle these issues, and make Strata Corporations easier to run for Council Members. At its core, PowerStrata is a powerful, robust software platform that allows Council Members to effectively communicate with the owners and property manager and gives residents the ability to keep abreast of developments, news, and other needed information pertaining to their property and community.

The PowerStrata Homeowner System is specifically designed for British Columbia Strata Corporations, and includes these features:

  • Powerful, private, and secure communication and messaging system allows for seamless communication between Council Members and Residents.
  • Conforms to British Columbia Strata Property Act.
  • Fully secure, and conforms with PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act). No more unsecure spreadsheets or printouts with names and numbers.
  • Document management – never lose a document again.
  • We’re Green! We’ve made everything simple to read and understand without printing (although you can print anything you wish.)
  • Event calendar (Notifications, appointment reminders, scheduled maintenance, etc.)
  • Robust Contact Management that’s simple and intuitive.
  • Strata Meetings and Council Member Management makes meetings more efficient and productive.
  • User groups and access rights can be controlled to the individual user level.
  • Can be customized to handle any unit configuration, even multi-section properties
  • Cloud-based. PowerStrata is SaaS (Software as a Service). This means automatic updates, backup, and system maintenance.

In addition, PowerStrata is extremely intuitive to use – if you can use a web browser, then you can use PowerStrata (and use it effectively.) The interface is elegant, and the software resides on our secure servers, making computing power on your end a non-issue.

Lastly, PowerStrata is always evolving. We have a myriad of modules that can make your job much easier.

To discuss the special challenges you are facing at your strata corporation and learn how we can help you to address them contact us by filling out the form on this page.


What PowerStrata Clients Say

Please visit PowerStrata Testimonials page on our website at http://www.powerstrata.com/about-us/PowerStrata-testimonials/.