PowerStrata for Strata Management Companies

Property Management Companies in British Columbia can find themselves managing a host of Strata units and properties, with a wide variety of scale and complexity. They need a secure, comprehensive, all-inclusive strata property management software platform that not only conforms to British Columbia regulations, but is also customizable enough to handle multiple different Strata corporations with different levels of complexity. PowerStrata is a strata manager's dream since it does all in the most efficient way possible.

PowerStrata incorporates a host of features to make managing multiple properties for strata managers a breeze. But not only is effective property management the result – the platform is robust and customizable with a host of optional modules.

Some features and benefits that property managers enjoy include:

  • Centralized access to all properties
  • Quick and easy distribution of notices, minutes and other important documents (via email and/or hard copy)
  • Easy access to key information
  • A powerful search engine to find all the owners and unit information quickly
  • Simple maintenance planning and budgeting
  • Multiple access levels based on user roles (srata manager, council, owner, tenant, etc.)
  • An organized library of strata documents
  • Maintenance planning linked with capital renewal and depreciation reports
  • Built-in strata web portal for owners
  • Plus much more!

You can offer PowerStrata as a strata owners and council web portal to the Strata Corporations you manage as part of your service. This allows for more seamless communication for all involved parties, and makes your job even easier. Your clients will also be impressed with this powerful tool you can offer them.

All that’s needed is a web connection, and you can manage thousands of units with ease. The interface is intuitive, and requires little in the way of training – we’ve seen complete computer novices handle the most robust features without issue.

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What PowerStrata Clients Say

Please visit PowerStrata Testimonials page on our website at http://www.powerstrata.com/about-us/PowerStrata-testimonials/.