Strata Management Software


PowerStrata is a cutting-edge Strata Management software platform that helps British Columbia Strata Corporations and Strata Management firms manage Strata units more efficiently. Cloud-based and feature-rich, PowerStrata strives to be the leading choice for Strata Managers, Strata Council Members, and Strata owners across BC.

  • Comprehensive, integrated solutions for strata management companies as well as strata councils, owners and tenants
  • Better and more efficient communications
  • Significantly helps in implementing routine, and preventive maintenance plan efficiently
  • Scalable platform for strata corporations and property management companies of any size
  • Robust solution to address the needs of multi-building, mixed-use and sectioned strata properties
  • Serves both self managed and professionally managed strata properties
  • Simple to use, intuitive, and user-friendly
  • Protection of sensitive information with bulletproof security - secure and private
  • Cloud based centralized system with automatic updates and daily backups - nothing to install or maintain
  • Multi-level user groups with different access rights
  • B.C. based, fast and reliable data Centre - no disclosure of personal information due to the US PATRIOT Act
  • Conforms to B.C. Strata Property Act (SPA), and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • Ongoing and timely customization of new features at no additional charge, based on our clients' changing needs
  • Includes access to powerful Strata Web Portal service and full client support

To see the full list of the features and services, check our product page by clicking here.

For Strata Management Companies

PowerStrata is extremely versatile and customizable, allowing it to efficiently handle a multitude of Strata properties with surprising ease. You’ll serve your Strata Corporation clients better, because our Strata Management platform is tailor-made to make your job easier. Learn More…  

For Strata Owners and Councils

PowerStrata is specifically designed to increase your efficiency and communications within your Strata Corporation. From Council members to residents, everyone is on the same page, and stays informed, while documentation and record keeping become seamless. Learn More…   

Strata Fee & Levy Calculator (CLICK FOR FREE DOWNLOAD)

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